Gift Guide: Top 10 Kitchen Tools for Foodie Friends and Family

There’s nothing better than picking out the perfect gift you know your friend or family member will love. Choosing the right gift can be stressful, but for the foodie in your life, you can’t go wrong with something for their kitchen. If you can’t decide what to buy, these ten utensils will have you rushing to the kitchen to get cooking.

Japanese Gyuto Knife

A Gyuto knife is the perfect gift for foodies because everyone needs a great, versatile knife! There are several different Gyuto knives to choose from, and they’re perfect for chopping, push-cutting, rock-chopping, and whatever you need to do to make your favorite meal. Made with the highest-quality carbon steel, your foodie loved one will be able to hold onto this Japanese knife for years to come without needing a replacement.

Smart Meat Thermometer

Not everyone knows the temperature of a protein just by looking at it or touching it, so buying a smart meat thermometer will help them make sure all their food is cooked perfectly. These wireless meat thermometers are easy to use and highly accurate. Some even come with an app to enter what type of meat you’re cooking to ensure it gets cooked to perfection.

Professional Grater

One of the best gifts for a foodie is a professional-quality, handheld grater. A grater is an affordable gift and can be versatile in the kitchen. Your loved one can use it for zesting citrus or grating cheese to top off their dish. Choose a high-quality, stainless-steel product that can handle the toughest grating jobs.

Fish Spatula

A spatula isn’t just a spatula for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. A fish spatula is sought after, and if the person you’re buying for hasn’t used one, they’ll never want to use a different spatula again. The spatula’s design makes moving food around easier than ever, thanks to the sloped edge. They’ll get more than enough use out of this corrosion-resistant utensil and likely cook you a delicious meal as a thank you.

Industrial Strength Blender

Premium blenders are the perfect gift for a foodie! These aren’t just a vessel to make smoothies with. These machines are versatile and can help with the preparation of any dish from soups, sauces, and even thick purées. Choose a blender made from strong materials to effectively blend even the most tough ingredients. Bonus points if you find a self-cleaning model.

Potato Ricer

A less common kitchen utensil the foodie you love might not think to buy is a potato ricer. This handheld tool can quickly create fluffy mashed potatoes and rice with any vegetable you can think of, like carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. They’ll never want to mash potatoes any other way again.

Immersion Blender

Immersion blenders are some of the best utensils because they can be used for a variety of kitchen tasks. Look for one that is scratch-resistant, made from stainless steel, and features an ergonomic grip so their hand won’t slip. Some blenders also come with a whisk attachment —two gifts in one!

OXO Good Grips Spiralizer

Pre-spiralized veggies are far more convenient for those who don’t have the right tools, but a spiralizer makes the task easier than ever. A handheld spiralizer doesn’t require a lot of strength and most come with multiple blades so you can change the size of the spirals. This gift is compact so they can easily store it on the counter or in a cabinet when not in use.

Carving Board

Cutting boards are essential in any kitchen and a carving board is a great gift. Find a large wood cutting board featuring grip handles and a juice groove to prevent messes. With proper care and usage, carving boards will last them a lifetime. Plus, they can double as a great charcuterie board.

Digital Food Scale

A digital food scale is the best gift for the foodie who enjoys accurately portioning their food. Scales are accurate, affordable, and can improve their cooking and baking. Most recipes use volume-based measurements but foodies know sometimes it’s better to measure by weight for a more accurate final dish.

Buying the best gift for a foodie doesn’t need to be stressful. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, holiday, or a gift, just because any of these ten kitchen utensils will make the perfect gift.