Why You Should Have a Japanese Knife in Your Kitchen?

Japanese knife being sharpened with a whetstone.

After a few hundred years of making knives, the Japanese have perfected the art of creating a blade that’s strong, light, very sharp, and extremely precise. Japanese knives can be used for cutting through tough meat or daintily slicing through vegetables. Here are a few reasons why you should have a Japanese knife in your kitchen. 

It’s Light as a Feather 

Because the steel used in Japanese knives is very hard, the knives are made with less material, making them thinner and lighter. This makes them easier to handle and gives you more control over the blade. If you have never used a Japanese knife, you may need to adjust your technique slightly to work with the lighter weight. Instead of pressing down while slicing, try moving the blade either backward or forward for a clean cut. 

Incredibly Sharp 

Another reason why you should have a Japanese knife in your kitchen is that it’s extremely sharp. Unlike other common knives, Japanese knives are made with a type of steel that contains more carbon, which is why they’re sharper. This sharper edge allows chefs and cooks to cut easily through meats and vegetables without crushing them, and it speeds up the process.  

Very Precise

Because Japanese knives are very sharp, they allow the user to slice with more precision. The Japanese are known for their ability to cook food that not only tastes delicious but also looks amazing. They often carve vegetables into the shape of a flower or cute animal, and they can do this because they use Japanese knives. 

Retains Its Edge

No one wants to spend time honing or sharpening their knives over and over again. With a Japanese knife, the carbon material ensures that the edge of the knife will remain sharp for a very long time. To keep your knife sharp and in good condition, it’s important to learn how to take care of your Japanese knife. 

There are many different types of Japanese knives, but any one of them will be a great addition to your kitchen so that you can cook and slice with ease. 

My Favorite Japanese Knives

There are many great professional Japanese chef knives out there. I have never worked with a Japanese knife that I didn’t like. My three favorites are Seiske KnifeMasamoto, and Gyuto   These authentic Japanese knives would make a perfect addition to the knife collection of professional and non-professional chefs. And remember, high-quality Japanese chef knives make a great gift too!

 Gyuto: the Miyabi Birchwood