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Chef Franco is passionately driven by the tastes and cuisines of the countries that make up the “Mediterranean rim” and incorporating them into his own refined cooking style.  The chef spent many years of study, travel, and acquiring culinary secrets from many masters.

This blog is about the food that Franco loves, the places that have influenced him, and the “inspirational ZING” we all can derive from his culinary journey and philosophy. Follow Franco as he guides you on a passionate journey from the United States to Africa, through the Arabian peninsula, to the outreach of the Mediterranean and beyond! 

Herring Market - Helsinki, Finland

Herring Market – Helsinki, Finland

Chef Franco Lania started his culinary career 20 years ago and has been in constant motion ever since. A mover and a shaker, he has acquired, a fantastic combination of culinary knowledge and cooking experiences that has brought this chef through a very special and awe-inspiring journey.

This blog will give you much insight, and uplifting motivation via Franco’s “Inspirational Cooking” concept. Intending to get people excited about cooking and the journey it can place them on, even if only for the moment of a delicious meal.

Born and raised in New Jersey, he’s traveled the world on a culinary quest that has placed him in the kitchens of some of the greatest restaurants in London, Milan, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and even on luxury cruise lines circling the globe. Franco has appeared on the Food Network’s 24 Hour Restaurant Battle and was on the winning team twice.

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The chef created a product called Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cakes and has brought them to the market. He authored a culinary memoir and has recently partnered with a travel company called Tavola Tours.  This boutique travel company specializes in culinary and cultural adventures in Italy.

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