NBC’s – America’s Next Great Restaurant – My Audition

On March 19th I pitched live, two concepts for NBC’s America’s Next Great Restaurant and Magical Elves of Los Angeles, producers of Project Runway and Top Chef.

I arrived 7am to the NBC experience store in Rockefeller Center N.Y.C. to find myself 3rd in line right behind the “Naked Cowboy.”

I had two concepts I wanted to pitch. One was a solo pitch and one was a duo pitch with my friend Patricia.

While waiting for Patricia to arrive, I let a few people go ahead of me which pushed me back to 5th in line -still not bad.

Bobby Flay appeared once the NBC experience store opened for the auditions. I actually got to meet, take a picture and pitch my concept to Bobby while I was standing in line. All the while, the live NBC camera was following him, so very cool!

Franco Lania and Bobby Flay outside the NBC building

Franco Lania and Bobby Flay outside the NBC building

Bobby Flay liked my concept and I was elated!

It was a very long day for me and Patricia. I pitched my solo concept, and then together we pitched our duo, all in front of the cameras.

Then we were chosen to proceed to the bus across from Rockefeller center to pitch and do a more in-depth pitch in front of the camera.

After waiting for over an hour Patricia went alone first, and then I went alone. Since we had a duo Idea…we were required to do a duo pitch as well, we were asked to come back at 5pm.

It was 2:30 and we had time to spare.

Patricia and I walked to the boat house in Central Park and had lunch and went over every inch of what we were going to say when we went back.

On the way back Patricia had the idea of getting her makeup done at Macy’s.

When we returned to the site, we were told, “Sorry we can’t shoot you guys. We are running behind!”

After some complaining and conversations with the powers that be, we were told we would be the last ones for the day, which would be in about two hours.

So, we stayed and waited at Dean @ Deluca until we eventually were called in and rocked out our duo pitch together in front of the camera!

Now it was 7pm…we were told we were now going to have to make a personal 5 minute or less video of ourselves, explaining our concept and showing us in our home environment etc.

I called my friend Chris, who is a computer genius and photographer. He met us downtown on Prince St. to get all the information on what we needed to do for this next challenge.

He felt the 3 day time period was a little much since we had to do two separate videos. But, he accepted the challenge.

We ran to Lafayette St. to Best Buy, to purchase a small and economical video camera. Within 2 days we shot two videos and submitted all the information post dated 8pm by the third day, which was perfect.

Now we shall see!

I was contacted by email from one of the staff of the Magical Elves, asking for my 100 word biography that they required we email in as well, stating that they never got mine.

I was very concerned because I emailed that biography in more than adequate time, and counted every word as to make sure I did not go over the 100 word limit. I panicked; dug through my email account and found it! Shew!

It was dated, and showed the appropriate email address as well. I quickly sent it over to prove that this went out days ago in the proper time period required by the contest. I was well received by the Magical elves.

I got a return email that stated, thank you, your email must have gone to spam, we now have it, and we will be in touch!

So cool!