Culinary Dynamic Duos | Road Trip Across America

Patricia and Franco | Culinary Dynamic Duos

I was contacted by Twins Talent Agency of NYC to see if I would be interested in auditioning for an upcoming show they were working on for Food Network. The show would be called Culinary Dynamic Duos. The duo would take a road trip across America and have a televised culinary journey.

After reading the requirements for the show I realized that my friend Patricia would be the perfect person to audition with. Not only are we both travelers and passionate about food, but we also have a real friendship and have been dubbed by ourselves and others “Wonder Twins!”

Patricia was a professional model and now a cancer research advocate who is very into a holistic and healthy approach to food. I being a professional chef bring the fire and passion for cooking to the table. We felt together we promote the perfect balance for this show.  So, we decided to go for it.

One obstacle was that Patricia would be going to be out of town for a few days, and I was leaving for Helsinki the day before she returned to New York. We were, fortunately, able to submit all the requirements for the show via online communications, all except the 20-minute video requirement we needed to shoot together and submit it as well. This was an issue that we couldn’t get around.

Well, things have a funny way of working out.  After getting discouraged and realizing we won’t be able to connect and make this video in time due to our travel plans, wouldn’t you know a volcano erupted in of all places Iceland?  This unforeseen act of Mother Nature postponed my trip for two weeks.  The volcanic ash cloud was so great that Helsinki was one of the last cities in Europe to reopen its air space!

This was the break Patricia and I needed to be able to make the much need video for the audition. We did just that! We were able to get it done and submitted it just one day prior to the deadline.  We are now very anxious for the final results; we really want this opportunity and quite simply would ROCK this show! Her being a little bit country and me being a little bit rock n’ roll, we would provide the perfect balance for a “Culinary Dynamic Duo Road trip across America.”

The picture below is of us having lunch with Jacques Pepin at the French Culinary Institute in Manhatten.  Chef Pepin is an icon and a favorite chef for both Patricia and me. So, a little culinary talk with a master French chef could only help our chances of winning a chance for the show.

Jacques Pepin, Patricia, and Franco | French Culinary Institute, NYC