TV-Food Network’s 24-Hour Restaurant Battle


Temperatures rise this July as teams of hopeful restaurateurs attempt to open their dream restaurants in Food Network’s new prime-time competition series, 24 Hour Restaurant Battle, premiering Wednesday, July 21st at 10pm ET/PT.

The 24 Hour Restaurant Battle I was a part of will air : Wednesday, Aug. 4th at 10pm ET/PT
“I was out of NYC last year for several months, five of which I spent on the “Insignia” for Oceania Cruise Line as Italian Chef. Upon returning to New York I went on several auditions for cooking shows. The 24 hour Restaurant Battle on TV-Food network was the first audition I went on and the first one I was a part of.”
The team I was chosen to help was the team of :
Danushka Lysek ( NYC model/Private Chef) and Angela Bartys (Los Angeles-Private Chef)
I was picked by Danushka out of a line up of possible Chef’s…We got along from the get go!
As a supporting chef and still not landed in my mind fully back in NYC…I believe we did a fantastic job!
Once it was game time I gave my team my all and it was a true blast!…Supporting someone else’s dream and being so well received by Danushka and Angela was truly heartfelt by me.
“This is reality TV, one really doesn’t know what to expect and neither did I. My team was as solid as could be under the competition circumstances and we all respected each others contribution to the main goal which was to WIN!”

Chef Franco Lania

As a chef myself …I was well impressed with Danushka and Angela, they were a pleasure to work with and it was my pleasure to help make there ‘Restaurant Dream” come true.
Now you will have to tune it to the Food Network on Aug. 4th at 10pm to see if we indeed won! or not?
Don’t  miss it…!