Pumpkin Ravioli with Mostarda di Mantovana | Autumn Flavors!


Franco's Pumpkin Ravioli

Franco’s Pumpkin Ravioli

Nothing shouts AUTUMN more than pumpkins! Autumn has to be my favorite time of the year. Fall harvest is a terrific opportunity to utilize all kinds of ingredients that we don’t generally see at any other time of the year, especially pumpkins. Pumpkins evoke memories of childhood, Jack O’ Lanterns, Halloween fun, and autumn!

Pumpkin Fun

Pumpkin Fun

For a chef, pumpkins inspire many different dishes in Autumn menu planning.  One truly delicious pasta dish is pumpkin ravioli with brown butter, sage and Madeira sauce. The pumpkin filling we are going to make is elegantly enhanced with the addition of Mostarda di Mantovana. The mostarda basically consists of candied pears, apples and sometimes quince, preserved in a mustard-flavored syrup. (A further explanation of mostarda follows at the bottom of this post)