Franco’s Butternut Squash Salad

This simple, yet absolutely delicious butternut squash salad is a perfect way to enjoy autumn squash. It is also fantastic as a raw salad! So, with this recipe you can easily incorporate autumn squash into your diet, and reap all the amazing health benefits that glorious gourds possess.

The “Granddaddy” of Pumpkin Desserts – Pumpkin Pie

No collection of pumpkin recipes would be complete without a great recipe for the “granddaddy” of all pumpkin inspired desserts. Pumpkin Pie! This recipe has rum added to the pie filling along with some delicious Fall spices. The crust is an exceptional ginger-snap-crust. Since this is a mousse pie, only the crust needs to bake and then the pie crust once cooled is filled and chilled to set the mousse. Delicious ~ Happy Autumn!