The “Granddaddy” of Pumpkin Desserts – Pumpkin Pie

Homage to the Great Pumpkin and Autumn Flavors!

Wightman's Farm, New Jersey

Wightman’s Farm, New Jersey

What would a “Shout Out” to Pumpkins be without the mention of Pumpkin   Pie? Pumpkin pie is a universal autumn dessert and truly places the pumpkin and pumpkin picking season… on its well-deserved pedestal of the “Granddaddy” of fall flavors.

 I love pumpkins…recipes for pumpkins would not be complete without a good pumpkin pie recipe!

The crust is the kicker for this pumpkin pie recipe.  It needs to bake completely and then cooled completely before adding the filling.  Yes, you can cool it down quicker in the fridge once you let it cool for about 20 min. on your stovetop first.


The walnuts in the crust will release their oils along with the butter in the recipe.  If the walnuts are extra oily and release excess oil on the bottom of the pie crust once baked…simply absorb some with kitchen paper and then cool the pie crust down immediately.

Also, this pie crust is very forgiving.  If it looses some shape or you realize that during the baking it was not evenly laid out in the pie tin, you can easily press the crust while it is still hot from the oven to correct any areas that need correction.


This recipe is a professional one but a  simple one  to follow.  It can easily be made at home by a passionate home cook.