10th Annual Helsinki Book Fair

10th Annual Helsinki Book Expo

A favorite autumn event, Helsinki’s Book Expo sees literary lovers and industry folk gather at Helsinki Fair Center for four days of books, signings, readings and discussions.

Starting October 28th and finishing October 31st

The Finnish Publishers Association holds its own fair alongside the main event. The Finnish Antiquarian Booksellers Association will hold its Antiquarian Book Fair at the Helsinki Fair Center at the same time. The Finnish Fair Foundation will also announce the winner of its annual –I Love Books– award.

Over 1000 performers will be on the fair stages and there are almost 700 different program events. Almost 300 exhibitors and around 300 program events will be staged by publishers, book shops and various societies on their own stands.

Click the link for detailed information on the: 10 Annual Helsinki Book Fair!


This Book fair is the first one I am attending. For me this book fair is a very “avant garde” side to writing.  I have spent almost 20 years cooking and “chef-ing.”  My passion for cook has brought me clear across the United States, to various cities in Europe, and on to various Luxury Cruise Lines, now that I have chosen to write as well as cook, this book fair is of great interest and importance to me. So. I’m very happy to be attending!


“Helsinki, is an exciting, fantastic, very modern city. This upcoming book fair has been a much anticipated event, not just for me, but also for my family who lives in Helsinki.”

Scandinavia comprises some of the worlds most read countries …so needless to say the book selling market is very big business and is held in high esteem by the rest of Europe.

The book fair was really well done! There was lots for chef’s and food enthusiasts to see as well, with a great selection of wine and cheese tastings, cook-ware selections, cooking demos, chef authors, and local and international food specialties.


The convention center was quite large and well laid out with each stall number and letter coded to make locating specific places of interest easier to find.


Chef Franco and Chef Flavio

Completely soaked from the rain and a wind blown umbrella, I made it in time to see friend Chef Flavio Giacoletto’s cooking demo. He made a Pumpkin Risotto with Chantarelle Mushrooms. Yumm!


Markku Happio & Flavio Giacoletto

Hewre is a picture of chef Flavo’s cooking demo along with co-author of Risotto and Panna Cotta , Markku Haappio.

Flavio flew in from Monaco where he is a private chef. He was at the Book Fair representing his new and excellent book Risotto and Panna Cotta. Courtesy of the Finish publishing house Otava

By: Flavio Giacoletto & Markku Haappio



 Purchase his book at: Risotto ja Panna Cotta





My Daughter and I explored everything at the 10th annual Helsinki Book Expo. It was a rainy windy Helsinki day, but totally worth it. And there were tons of things for children to enjoy as well!



Until next year…So Long Helsinki Book Fair. :)