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“Follow Franco Tour”… 2011
Chef Franco Lania - Oceania Cruises

Chef Franco Lania – Oceania Cruises

With the Bahamas Seaman’s book application now being officially processed by the Bahamas Maritime Authority-London,UK. | | and after a regiment of physical examinations I am fortunately fit and very excited for sea duty!

About to embark on a World Tour, on board  Silver Wind. One of six beautiful ships  in the Silver Sea Fleet. Silver Sea is one of the world’s best luxury cruise lines with itineraries to some of the most exotic places in the world. | |

The company is Italian and staffed by the V-Ships corporation out of Monaco. | | |

I will be the Italian Chef and most likely one of none or very few Americans on board. After many years of working in and out of the United States and often being the lone or one of very few Americans…this is not an issue for me. I grew to like the complete transformation that takes place when placed in a working environment that makes you stretch…further that you ever thought possible. So… all in all this will be good and positive.

“This New Year….2011, has been commanded by many, myself included to be the year to SOAR!… So…Time to put the words into perpetual motion!”

“Follow Franco Tour:” | Facebook – Twitter | site name: Chef Franco Lania

I will share : pictures, video, comments and feedback via my and pages. Focusing on the exotic ports of call, the cuisine and touch upon some of the history  to tie it all together.

“No matter who we are and what we do with our lives we all eventually come around to cooking something for ourselves…so this year…approach it with love and interest. It can be life changing in a very positive way “


Silver Sea has me slated to meet up with there ship the Silver Wind| |  in early February at: Port Louis | | in the small island country of Mauritius located off the coast of Africa in the south-west region of the Indian Ocean.


I am excited about this tour and looking forward to get cooking (literally) at sea again!


The itinerary will take us from: South Africa | Arabia | Mediterranean |

Through the months of February to July/August.


 We will encounter perpetual summer starting off in the Southern hemisphere of Africa...where they enjoy opposite seasons to those of us who live in the Northern hemisphere of the globe…Ending in the Mediterranean where it will be the Northern hemisphere’s summer by time the Silver Wind makes her way north up the west coast of Africa.


Follow the beautifully mapped out moves of the ship’s locations on Silver Sea’s web site by clicking on the dates of the itinerary lay-out … to activate the visual map at the top of the page. | |


“Wishing… all a Happy, Healthy and Invigorating 2011…and a reminder to connected to the “Power and Freedom” of cooking this year…even if just by cooking one homemade meal a week  in your home for yourself and/or the family.”

by: Franco Lania