Finland-“Land of a Thousand Lakes” – Baltic Herring stuffed with Smoked Salmon

Finland – Land of a thousand lakes!

Finland is called ”The Land of a Thousand Lakes,” at last count there were 187,888 of them,  more lakes in relation to a country’s size than any other in the world. With a total population of about five million, Finland has one lake for every 26 people this is a pretty incredible  ratio, especially if you love the great outdoors like the Finnish do!


Finland is a place I have been going to since the mid-nineties. I’ve spent enough time there over the years to get a solid glimpse of it’s culture and the extreme  uniqueness and pride this Scandinavian country possesses.


“Many people  have  little to zero knowledge on Finland. With this post I hope to open up the door and spark some curiosity into a Northern European country that most definitely should be enjoyed more by tourists and be more understood by those out side of Scandinavia and the European Union. This is an exciting place with captivating natural beauty  far beyond what most comprehend Finland to be.”

At the bottom of this post is an excellent rendition of a Finnish fish recipe, to go along with the abundance of fresh and salt water fish the Finns are able to catch, from their pristine lakes and waterways.


Fact: Finland has one of the best Educational School Systems in the world. Finland places in the top three list of best Educational systems in the world year after year.


For now, lets start by  talking about  “Finland:”

Finland,  should not by any means be a forgotten place on a map. The country can offer  intellectuals, tourists, vacationers, art connoisseurs, sport and outdoor enthusiasts the very best in these areas with a fraction of the costs and crowds of other Scandinavian or European retreats and one can end each day with a slice of “Finnish culture” that is world-renowned… a  fantastic and relaxing  Finnish sauna to boot!


“The land of a thousand lakes and sauna culture.”


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This is a country that was under Swedish control from the 13 century until 1809. Russia took control after that until 1917, when Finland claimed independence from Russia and became the Republic of Finland.

The national language of Finland is Suomi. Suomi has some relation to Estonian and Hungarian languages. But for all intents and purposes the national language is Finnish (Suomi) and the second national language is Swedish. Swedish is written and spoken in second place on all street signs, and  public announcements.





Helsinki is the capital of Finland, it is the cultural, economic-hub and it is the country’s major port. Helsinki has a population of  579,444 people, which is enough to give it the city feel with out the big city crowds and congestion.

From Helsinki one can take wonderful boat excursions to other fascinating cities of the Baltic Tallin-Estonia, Stockholm-Sweden, and St. Petersburgh- Russia to name a few.




To get you started,  here are some over night and day cruise lines that leave from the port of Helsinki to other ports of call throughout the  Baltic regions of Scandinavia. I’ve been on them all and these are awesome family excursions, play rooms for the children, safe, and fun. A wonderful overall Scandinavian experience.





“I highly suggest while in Helsinki or Scandinavia, jumping on one of these day or over night cruises  to the various ports of call around the Baltic and take a good camera!”

1) Tallink Cruise Line:

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3) Viking Line:


Helsinki, is also the food capital of Finland. This is where all the trendy restaurants and best chefs  for the most part are found. In the years I’ve been going to Helsinki, I literally watched a culinary renaissance take place. Chefs and TV-chef programing are a big thing here, they even have their own version of “Top Chef” which is called  “Top Chef Suomi.”

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“The cuisine of Finland is very simple and pure. The flavors are balanced and minimal. Meaning the ingredients do the talking here not the spices and marinades like in other food cultures.”


Fish as you could imagine is a big player in Finnish food culture. Herring, Salmon, Perch, White Fish to name a few . Having a country with the most lakes in the world including the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea at their disposal, leaves no wonder as to why there  is no shortage of some of the most delicious combination of  fresh and salt water fish that any country could offer.


To end this post it would only make sense to close with a fish recipe. Combining the use of two fish (Salmon and  Herring) which are extremely popular in Finland, along with  highlighting the Finnish culinary way of cooking and preparing it.

Always keeping simplicity in mind and letting the ingredients speak for themselves. This is a pure way of approaching food. For avid cooks and chefs alike it is a chance to let the ingredients speak for themselves and cook, Scandinavian style.



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