Easter Goat and Spring Pea Risotto | HTTV’s “Jersey Gems”

Chef Franco Lania

Hello everyone!  As promised, here are the recipes that were made on the Easter-themed show on HTTV – Easter Goat and Spring Pea Risotto! On the show, I butchered half a goat and removed the leg and the rack. The leg of the goat was studded with garlic and then marinated in white wine and freshly grated Parmesan cheese along with some fresh herbs. This was slow-roasted for 3 hours and was basted every 15-20 minutes.   

leg of goat

Slow roasted leg of goat.

Ultimately, we wound up with a wonderfully flavorful crust on the outside and a delicious, succulent, and extremely tender meat on the inside. The step-by-step instructions for all this are shown in detail on the show and the recipe below. The rack of the goat was seasoned with salt and pepper, pan-seared, and then roasted to a perfect pink (medium).

This was then placed over a bed of spring pea risotto made with champagne, spring onions, spring garlic, pea puree, and pea shoots. 

Halal Goat & Spring Pea Risotto

Click here to see the goat preparation video. Then here to see the spring pea risotto video.  See the blog posts about New Jersey’s  Little India.