Corned Beef and Cabbage | Saint Patrick’s Day!

Saint Patrick's Day

It’s just not St. Paddy’s Day without it.

Saint Paddy’s Day, offers everyone a chance to be  Irish for a day. Additionally, it’s a day when many families across America make a traditional Irish dish called corned beef, and cabbage. Most people I know really enjoy a corned beef and cabbage meal on this special day. Some people even feel it just wouldn’t be Saint Paddy’s Day without it.  It’s an easy recipe to make so why not give it a go this year for your family?

You can serve this dish with Irish soda bread. My recipe is more traditional and it is not sweet or contains any raisins. It is a savory bread and it is a great accompaniment to this dish. It’s also a simple bread recipe to make. Make both and you’ll have one great Saint Paddy’s Day meal. Who knows maybe late at night a few friendly Leprechauns might come knockin’ on your door.  So make sure to make plenty in order to relish in some good luck! 

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


A lucky leprechaun!