Boston this one’s for you! Back to Basics…Back to Baking

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts

To all our friends in Boston, this one’s for you!

As a survivor of the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster in New York City, I wanted to offer my love and support to everyone who was directly or indirectly affected by this most hurtful attack in Boston.

Healing takes time, lots of love and understanding.  Personally, living through 9/11 changed me forever. It shook me to my very core.  Miraculously enough, it sparked a seed of change in me that took ten years to cultivate.

The physical act of cooking literally helped me get my life back on track after being so greatly derailed.  Cooking was the inspiration that helped me move on from being stuck.  It gave me the ability to lift myself up in a fun and invigorating way.

Food is a fantastic way to nurture oneself from the inside out. In times like this, I can think of no form of cooking more comforting and heartwarming than baking.  Baking is an easy and satisfying way to feel and share the love. Working with yeast doughs takes patience. 

As you nurture the dough, you, too, can be nurtured. Baking also fills a home with the most soothing aromas.  These aromas can transport us to our safe place and wrap us like a baby in a blanket where we can regain our focus, heal, and return back to life again…Refreshed!

So Boston, this one’s for you: a “back to basics – back to baking” recipe that will hopefully place a smile on many a Bostonians’ face and a comforting warmth in their hearts.

Boston Coffee Cake

Boston Coffee Cake

I share with you one of my all-time favorite coffee cake recipes.  This is a simple, classic recipe.

The aromas from the baking of it will not only be mouthwatering, they will be soothing to the soul as well.


Happy Baking to our friends in Boston!