Spring Pea Risotto: Sweet Spheres of Garden Goodness

sweet pea risotto

sweet pea risotto

Spring peas are known by a variety of names such as sweet peas, English peas, petit pois, and garden peas. 

Regardless of what you call them, one thing is for sure — we should eat fresh peas in their seasonal prime, which is early to mid-spring. 

This season disappears quickly!  Almost as quickly as those small sweet spheres of garden goodness appear, they disappear.  So, eat your peas while they’re abundant, fresh, and at their perfect peak of sweetness.

Below, I share a risotto recipe that incorporates springtime peas.  Buying peas as fresh as possible and still in their pods is of vital importance to this dish.  Lightly wrap the pods in a dampened paper towel and place them in your refrigerator until ready to make the risotto.

Do not shuck the peas more than an hour before you plan to make this dish. The pod is where the peas are preserved perfectly and this helps them to maintain their sweetness and texture.



Click here to see the HomeTowne Television clip on making this spring pea risotto.