Taste for Travel: Franco Lania

Chef Lania - Celebrity Cruises cooking demo

Chef Lania – Celebrity Cruises, cooking demo.

 A Taste for Travel!

Many people are drawn to the chef lifestyle for the sheer excitement of travel.  I’ve spent the last two decades traveling all in the name of food, recipes, excitement and the challenge of it all.

Late last month, I was interviewed by Heather Tyler who is a news agency journalist for the Australian Associated Press by day and runs her “Taste for Travel” blog by night.  When Heather contacted me and said “Hello Franco, I’m so intrigued about your foodie travels and I would like to write a post about you”,  I was flattered to say the least.  What is a journey if it’s not shared?  I’ve always felt that sharing a journey is what makes the voyage so very special and educational.

 Heather’s interview was a ton of fun and includes why I travel, what foods inspire me, and why I spend a great deal of time in Scandinavia when I’m not in the good old U.S.A.

To view this fun Q&A interview, kindly click here.  http://ow.ly/kN0tL