Uplifting Oklahoma – Memorial Day Grilling!

memorialday2011Memorial Day is a day in my life where some reflection always gives me an appreciation for the armed services of our country.  My father was a Korean War veteran, and he was extremely proud of it.

Gathering family and friends together is the perfect way to enjoy the number one pastime for this important holiday:  Grilling!


Oklahoma - Tornado damage

Oklahoma – tornado damage

This year, unfortunately, there are those who are facing a very different holiday weekend.  I’m talking about the folks in Oklahoma City who were left devastated from the tornado.  A helping hand can make all the difference in the world.  It can come in the form of a grill fork and a nicely grilled hamburger!  

Fireside chatting has healed many of mankind’s problems.  Extending a warm invitation to your family, friends, neighbors, and even total strangers during their time of grief could prove to be super positive for them.  


If you are in the area, share the true spirit of this holiday by reaching out to those who were less fortunate by perhaps inviting them to share in a barbecue, or by giving a donation to The Red Cross so you can be part of the healing process, recovery, and rebuilding.

Below is one of my all-time favorite hamburger recipes that grills up beautifully!  

With it’s Mediterranean twist, it is sure to please even the greatest of grill enthusiasts.  Oh, and don’t forget to make a delicious and different fennel coleslaw to complement all of your Memorial Day grilling.

So, no matter if you grill all year long or are just dusting off the grill this weekend for Memorial Day, this recipe is is a real winner and it’s for you!