American Bison Filet Mignon, Wild Rice Griddle Cake, Chocolate & Vanilla Bean Sauce


American Bison - Filet Mignon

American Bison – Filet Mignon

Bison has made a big comeback from near extinction.  Ironically the newfound interest in the consumption of bison plays a big part in its resurgence.  Therefore the more you see bison offered on menus, the more of a chance bison farmers will keep raising and caring for them. 

I share below with you my recipe for a Bison Filet Mignon.   This dish is exquisite and it’s  proof that bison is as elegant and, in my opinion, definitely more tasty than the best filet mignon you’ve ever had!

Chef Franco's American Bison Filet Migon

Chef Franco’s American Bison Filet Migon


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