Franco’s Minnesota Wild Rice Story – Griddle Cakes

Franco’s Minnesota Wild Rice Story – Griddle Cakes

Marshall, MN. - Hy-Vee

Marshall, MN. – Hy-Vee

This past October, chef Franco Lania happily found himself in Marshall, Minnesota headlining the annual Fall and Holiday Cooking Show co-sponsored by Hy-Vee of Marshall and Marshall Radio.  

Showing their true Minnesota hospitality, Franco’s hosts invited him to an afternoon of Midwest fun. They visited, among other things, a nearby Bison farm and even a local shooting club. 

The only stipulation was that the guys wanted a meal prepared by this Master Chef at the club’s lodge. 


Franco's Minnesota Wild Rice - Griddle Cakes

Franco’s Minnesota Wild Rice – Griddle Cakes

Franco worked his magic in the kitchen using locally available pumpkins, butternut squash, kale, bison steaks and Minnesota wild rice.  As a classically trained chef, he often made an Arborio (risotto) rice pancake.  Franco substituted wild rice for the Arborio and added some secret ingredients to his recipe.  Franco’s Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cakes were born!

Within minutes of hitting the table, the griddle cakes were gone and Chef Franco’s guests were asking for more. One wise soul suggested they should be available for everyone. Franco was told that if he were to box these griddle cakes, they would sell, especially in Minnesota, like…well… hotcakes.

Now, you, too, can enjoy these delicious griddle cakes and all the healthful benefits of wild rice.  Purchase your very own box and help support a very time-honored American product:  Wild Rice from Minnesota.

 Stay tuned for updates on  final package design and distribution!