Bison with Portobello Frites | Saint-André and Jack Daniels Sauce

Bison Frites with (Saint-André and) Jack Daniels Sauce

Bison Frites with (Saint-André and) Jack Daniels Sauce

You may have heard of Steak Frites, the French bistro classic. Well, how about creating a delicious twist on this favorite using bison? Have you ever eaten bison? If so, then you know that bison meat is absolutely delicious. In fact, bison has an almost sweet taste that is so succulent and tender that it has converted many a beef lover.  Bison is heart-healthy meat that’s low in cholesterol, fat, and calories, yet high in protein and iron.


Here is an interesting fact – bison and buffalo are not the same, even though the words are often used interchangeably. Real buffalo come from Asia and Africa. The bison of North America (and Europe) is a distant cousin to the buffalo. In the United States, bison were a staple of life for the Midwest Native American tribes. Overhunting caused the bison to become nearly extinct by the early 1900s.


Today, thanks to the many local bison farmers across the nation, bison have made a dramatic comeback and have become a welcomed menu item as a beef substitute. Yes, consumption of bison, believe it or not, is a way to keep this species from becoming extinct. By eating bison, you help the bison farmers stay in business, and they, in turn, will continue to breed more bison, therefore keeping this majestic breed from true extinction.

When I cook bison, I always try to make something memorable with it. I want people to be tempted to try it in hopes that they, too, will become fans of bison as America’s delicious beef alternative! I hope this twist on a French classic will become your new classic too.

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