Helsinki to St. Petersburg, Russia | Hermitage Museum

Church on the Spilled Blood - St. Petersburg, Russia

Church on the Spilled Blood – St. Petersburg, Russia

Have you ever been to St. Petersburg, Russia? I’ve been traveling to Helsinki, Finland for many years and have often been asked that question.  My reply has always been a soft no. I’ve been to many other cities in the surrounding countries but never to St. Petersburg.  At least not until last week.  Finally, after many years of people telling me how beautiful this city is and how easy it is to make the trip by boat from Helsinki (no visa needed), I took the plunge and booked an overnight voyage on the St. Peter Line. St. Peter Line, which conveniently leaves from the Port of Helsinki, offers a very affordable and fun way to visit St. Petersburg. Jump on-board, have some dinner, do a little shopping and see a show.

When you wake up the next morning, you’ll be on your way to the Hermitage Museum, the cafes, and the breathtaking sights in St. Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city. 

How I wish I didn’t wait as long as I did to take this trip!  I say “just do it” to those of you contemplating a trip to this fascinating city.  St. Petersburg is as beautiful as people say, and then some.  The city is vibrant and absolutely breathtaking! St. Petersburg is brimming with history along with gorgeous architecture, museums, parks, and canals. Everything mentioned here is simply magnificent sites to see, and impossible to see and enjoy in one day. The various winding waterways will remind you of the canals of Venice, Italy, and they definitely add to the charm of this magnificent Russian city. It’s no wonder St. Petersberg has been dubbed the Venice of the north.

The canals of St. Petersburg, Russia.

The canals of St. Petersburg, Russia.

I spent most of my time in St. Petersburg at the world-renowned Hermitage Museum.  This museum is absolutely phenomenal! The only way to see all of it is to spend a few days and take it all in at a slower pace.

The Pavilion Room

The Pavilion Room

Bring a good camera and definitely take an organized tour to get the full effect and understanding of all the art, culture, and history that you are going to see.  

Throne Room of Peter the Great

Throne Room of Peter the Great

If you’re really a fan of art history I would even consider bringing a pen and good-sized notepad to jot down any inspirations that might strike you.  My time was limited, but I did get to see a good portion of the museum and take some remarkable photos.

The Lenardo da Vinci Room

The Leonardo da Vinci Room

I arrived early in the morning and had booked my entrance ticket online so there was no standing in line once I arrived.  Simply enter through the area marked e-tickets and off you go!

The entrance line to the Hermitage Museum

The entrance line to the Hermitage Museum.

In order to avoid standing in long lines to buy your entrance tickets in advance. This is the world’s second-largest museum only after the Louvre in France.  Therefore making it a very popular tourist destination when visiting St. Petersburg.  

Chef Franco in St. Petersburg, Russia


If you have ever gone to St. Petersburg, Russia your most likely anxious to return to this stunning masterpiece of a city again one day. I know I am!  





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