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Tavola Tours –  San Nicola Arcella (Calabria)

Hello travelers!  Tavola Tours and I are happy to share with you the itinerary for our captivating Culinary and Cultural Adventure to captivating CALABRIA this autumn. Just imagine how beautiful harvest time will be in the Deep South of Italy!  Calabria is located at the “toe”of the boot and it is the southernmost part of extraordinary mainland Italy. It has been untouched by mass tourism and, only recently, has become popular among tourists interested in discovering the “Mezzogiorno” regions of Southern Italy.

So, why all the fuss about Calabria?  This region has a dazzling and dramatic coastline, ancient medieval villages, beautiful beaches caressed by the crystal blue waters of the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas, and a rich history interwoven with the great cultural imprint left behind by the ancient Greeks in this  magnificent part of Magna Graecia Once you’ve visited Calabria, you will understand why this region will not remain a secret much longer.

Oh, and let’s not forget the food and wine!  Calabrian food is some of the finest in Italy.  A recent article from the Travel Section of The New York Times said “Some of the best meals in Italy aren’t found in Rome or Tuscany, but from the southern region of Calabria. The toe of Italy’s boot is making a name for itself in food and wine circles.” Definitely check out this New York Times article where Calabria was named number 37 out of the Top 52 Places to Go in 2017.

Hmm! Interested yet?  We hope so.  This will be an adventure of a lifetime to a very special up-and-coming region of Italy. We are excited to share with you below our uniquely-designed itinerary.  So say YES, to new adventures!  We at Tavola Tours look forward to guiding you through the “Toe of The Boot” on this fascinating fall journey.

Cosenza, Italy

Cosenza, Italy


Savor traditional foods and wines from Calabria, learn from local artisans, attend cooking classes with highly-acclaimed Calabrese chefs, enjoy exciting sightseeing tours, a “Coast of the Gods” pleasure cruise, visit top Calabrese wineries, and relish in the natural beauty known as Calabria! Come and enjoy la dolce vita, the sweet life, of southern Italy.  You will have an experience of a lifetime in this magnificent region of Magna Graecia.


  • Hands-On Cooking Classes
  • Local Food Specialties
  • Wine Tastings & Food Pairings
  • Beautiful Sightseeing & Cultural Tours
  • “Coast of the Gods” pleasure cruise
  • Visit Award-Winning Wineries of Calabria
  • Calabria-style FIREWORKS
  • Breakfast Daily, 5 Lunches, 7 Dinners


Villa Fabiano is your home away from home for the better part of this adventure.  The hotel is located in the town of Rende (home to the University of Calabria) and just a short distance from the medieval city of Cosenza. The last day and night will be spent at the charming Agriturismo Livadia in Gizzeria for a special cooking class and a visit to a local winery. That night, we will have our farewell dinner with traditional music, dance and a Calabria-style FIREWORKS display!

Please see the
Tavola Tours website and Facebook page for future updates about this trip.  You can also email any questions you may have directly to info@tavolatours.com.

The number of guests is limited on this boutique tour.  Secure your place today by filling out the last page of the itinerary below and mailing it in along with your deposit as soon as possible. I’m looking forward to sharing this adventure with YOU!

Calabria Itinerary // Autumn Adventure


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