Benefits of Using Your Slow Cooker This Summer

You don’t have to associate slow cooking with wintertime recipes. Here are some reasons why your slow cooker should stay in service through the summer.
Slow cooker

There are some home-life hallmarks during the winter season. Christmas music echoes throughout the house, a roaring fire in the fireplace, and the slow cooker is filling the kitchen with tantalizing aromas. Just think about the delicious flavors in slow-cooked soups, stews, and your favorite chili.

Now, let’s do a 180° turn!  It’s summer: “Winter Wonderland” has passed and the last thing you need in the house is a warm cozy fire. But there’s no reason why your slow cooker has to take a summer vacation too. Any time of year is right for the full flavors that low and slow cooking can bring out of meats, poultry, and vegetables. Here are just a few of the benefits of using your slow cooker in the summer. 

Makes Parties Easier 

The long-awaited warm weather is calling out to us, asking us to get our friends and family together for some well-overdue gatherings. Especially now since the pandemic is thankfully ending. Usually, when we think about summer parties, we think of barbecuing. But even if you have some skills with the grill, you may lack the desire—as many of us do—to stand over the grill and manage the meats while still trying to be a gracious host.

By opting for a slow-cooked meal for one of your summer parties, you can enjoy the sunny weather and enjoy your company without having to exert yourself too much. A slow cooker lets you do the prep work in advance and make hosting your party that much easier. Spend less time on manning the grill and maybe even have time to whip up a tasty dessert

Keep Cool In the Kitchen 

If you can’t stand the heat, don’t stay out of the kitchen—just turn off the oven or the stove this summer. You can’t cook every warm-weather meal on the grill. The oven and stove will warm up your house and the grill can get pretty bothersome with the heat it gives off on a hot summer day. However, a slow cooker, with its small size, lower temperatures, and insulating qualities, won’t turn up the heat in your kitchen the way your oven and stove would. In turn, your air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard to manage the extra heat in your home. And with electricity costs adding up as the summer heats up a flavorful meal made in your slow cooker will help keep your kitchen cool and take a load off your AC.

Thrills Without the Grill 

Another great benefit of using your slow cooker in the summer is that you can enjoy recipes that would call for a grill even if you’re an apartment dweller. Or maybe you’re simply not interested in cooking over an open flame. Slow cooking and barbecuing have a lot in common: they both rely on moderate heat and time to properly cook tougher cuts of meat. You can tackle brisket, chicken thighs, sausage, and other popular barbecue meats in your slow cooker too.