Beef Involtini with Spanish Mahón Cheese


Beef Involtini

Beef involtini is a dish often seen in Italian-American restaurants.  This recipe calls for a Spanish twist! Instead of the usual cheeses of Parmesean and mozzarella, you will use Mahón cheese. Yes, Mahón cheese!

Mahón Cheese from Menorca, Spain.

This specialty cheese hails from the island of Menorca off the coast of Spain. The island is known for its cheese production and the region itself is considered to have some of the best dairy plants in Europe. Mahón cheese has a semi-soft consistency with a slight sharpness and tanginess to it. These characteristics of the cheese make it a nice substitute for the Italian cheeses previously mentioned and it helps to add a tasty new twist to this dish.

This beef involtini dish is stuffed with Mahón cheese, asparagus, fresh basil leaves, and a couple of thin slices of Jamón ibérico. If you can not find Jamón ibérico a good substitute would be Prosciutto di Parma. You will find that all these flavors blend together beautifully. You can serve this dish with Italian bread or your favorite pasta to soak up all the deliciousness of the tomato sauce and that creamy melted Mahón cheese.