3 U.S. Cities To Visit if You Love Seafood

Some people love just seafood! You foodies are in the right place if you want a nice “catch of the day” experience. Seafood offers some of the most diverse and delicious dishes you can imagine. There’s something for everyone under the sea; if you love to travel, you can taste the flavors from different seas and cultures. Even within the U.S., you can experience different seafood and cultures by visiting different seaside cities. Check out these top three U.S. cities to visit if you love seafood below!

San Francisco, California

California takes up most of the west coast, so it’s no surprise they have access to delicious seafood. Especially in and around San Francisco. While you should take the time to explore this amazing city on foot, make sure to let your taste buds explore, too. Many Italian and Chinese immigrants settled in San Francisco, so the chefs in this area serve popular seafood dishes that you should try, such as a classic Cioppino. This is basically a fish soup that is classically served in a bread bowl. Sound interesting? It is and it’s a must-try seafood dish when visiting San Francisco.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Lovers of seafood will feel like they’re eating at a family member’s table when visiting New Orleans. This foodie city sits right on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, and you can still taste the European and African influences, especially in the local cooking. Combining French and southern U.S. heritage created the popular Cajun style many enjoy, such as
boiled crawfish. Creole combines some of that French heritage with other European, African, Caribbean, and Hispanic influences to create unique dishes, such as shrimp creole. Your taste buds can adventure through these foods and others when you eat where the locals eat in the French Quarter and other parts of the city.

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

True seafood lovers already know about the Maryland blue crab, so it’s no surprise that Maryland is on this list. However, the Chesapeake Bay area is one of the best spots for seafood in Maryland and in the country. It’s one of the only places in the world where people can still harvest wild oysters, as many areas have over-harvested them. Maryland is attempting to revive the habitats around the Chesapeake Bay, so you can continue to try succulent local oysters and their signature and famous Maryland crab cakes.


If you love seafood and travel, you should visit these three U.S. cities. While many other incredible cities across the U.S. and the world offer delicious seafood, starting in these three allows you to taste the best of the best right in your own backyard.