Quick Pasta Lunch at Home in Sunny Florida


Pasta-making class.

Cooking for people is what a chef does day in and day out. In addition to the cooking classes and special wine-pairing dinners, the days run long. It’s a tough job with many ups and downs. You have to love it to maintain longevity in such a passion-driven career. Making food is far beyond what one sees on television. A true culinarian is constantly learning and keeping up with new food trends in both cuisine and pastry. It’s an all-or-nothing kind of career commitment. But for those that stick it out there really is no need to explain all this to them.

When I come home I try my best to cook foods I enjoy and keep it simple. Very simple! In my opinion, a simple handful of basic ingredients can make for an extraordinarily delicious meal. Here in this video, I make a quick pan sauce with onion, garlic, grape tomatoes, lemon zest, and fresh mozzarella cheese. I also added a little Calabrian chili, parmesan cheese, and fresh oregano and tossed it all with angel hair pasta. Oh yes! This was lunch at home in sunny Florida.

I posted this video on my Facebook page and many of you interacted with it. So, here it is below for your convenience. I explain the recipe step by step so it will be easy for you to make it in your home too. This recipe can also be elaborated on by adding olives, capers, anchovy, sausage, etc. You get my drift. However, after eating what I show you here you just might opt to keep it simple and cook as a chef does at home.

Angel Gair Pasta with Grape Tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarella.👨‍🍳🍝 Delizioso!

For another pasta recipe see my Butternut Squash Gnocchi video.