Finally made it to Helsinki!

I Arrived in Helsinki, Finland on Monday the 25th of April. After an 8 day Volcano delay and then a 3½ hour take off delay on my rescheduled flight, I’m finally here.

We had two beautiful days here so far sunny, not too cold, and no snow! Just the way I like Finland.

My stay here is for the celebration of my daughter’s 8th birthday, I haven’t missed one yet!

Her mother and I have made a tradition on making our own cake and getting the children acquainted with other ways of birthday celebrations not customary to Finland.

So… I bring, Piñatas, pin the tail on the donkey, and party favors from America. It just adds to what our relationship and family really is, and my daughter’s friends get to see and share the meld of culture with us on her birthday.

Not to mention, everyone here knows I’m a chef…so the cake that daddy makes is always well anticipated!

I enjoy sharing with my daughter, all her friends, and her mother greatly for these kind of gatherings and parties…It’s a learning curve for everyone. Myself included!