Swordfish Braciole: Grilled!

Swordfish Braciole

Swordfish Braciole

Braciole di pesce Spada.

Swordfish Braciole: Not your every day braciole! 

 This is a Sicilian specialty and absolutely delicious.







  • swordfish steaks cut 1 ¼ -1pound thick
  • lemon – 1 ( juiced )
  • salt (Kosher) to taste
  • Fontina cheese – 16 ounces
  • garlic cloves – 8 medium seize
  • Italian parsley – 40 sprigs (approximately)
  • basil leaves – 16
  • pine nuts – 8 tablespoons (toasted)
  • Reserved fish trimmings
  • eggs- 4-6 (medium)
  • Bread crumbs
  • yellow raisins – 2 tablespoons
  • Bay leaves – to layer in between braciole on skewer ( If you do not like bay leaves you may alternate with red pepper )
  • Skewers soaked in water (24-48 hours)
    •  To make the Braciole
    • Divide each 1 ¼ lb cut of swordfish in half.
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      • Trim up and clean make even. (Disregard any blood line and dark areas)
      • Soak fish for ½ hour in lightly salted and lemon water
      • Then pound out between 2 pieces of oiled plastic wrap (Thin no tears)
      • Easier to do if the fish is very cold or semi frozen,.
      • Reserve usable trimmings for filling.


In the restaurant we cut this on an electric slicer. It is faster and more accurate than by hand.

It is also dangerous if the fish is frozen to hard or if it is not frozen at all and is to soft.



“Trick is to have it semi frozen when cutting home cooks I do not suggest the machine method use the method stated above it is safer and produces good results if done with care and not working to roughly with the slices of fish once pounded thin to avoid tears and holes that will make for an amateurish braciole and also allow for the filling to “OOZE” out when cooking…defeating the whole filling process.”

Filling for braciole:

• Process the cheese, garlic, parsley, basil, pine nuts, and raisins, in a food processor, using the “PULSE” option.
• Add salt and pepper to taste
• Add the eggs with quick pulses one at a time Keep a thick -ish consistency
• Work fast when the mix gets to warm it will become gummy

* Tip – “Do not let the machine run and run with the ingredients, the machine will get way to hot. Pulse always on and off…pulse in the eggs an stop…a little chunky or not completely smooth is better than heating it up to much and making a very unattractive paste or gooey mixture!”

To assemble:

• Spread the filling on pounded swordfish
• Place more filling in the center rather than the ends
• Sprinkle with bread crumbs
• Roll up tightly, skewer closed so cheese doesn’t come out
• Place in freezer to firm up
• Skewer fish 3 to a portion alternate with bay leaves.
• Reserve till service
• Grill gently
• Arrange over sautéed broccoli rabe. Garnish with tapanade and tomato vinaigrette

Tomato vinaigrette and Tapanade follow.

Tomato vinaigrette:

• tomato concasse – 2 cups (medium diced tomatoes, skin and seeds removed)
• lemons – 3 juiced
• chopped garlic – 2 teaspoons
• Jerez vinegar – 8 tablespoons
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 16 tablespoons
• Kosher salt and pepper to taste

• Pulse quickly in food processor
• Should remain slightly chunky!




2c pitted black olives
3t minced garlic
2T onion
2T capers
2 pinches cayenne
2 pinches dried thyme
½ c olive oil
½  juiced lemon



• blend all together in (food processor)
• at end adjust consistency with EVO and seasoning
• save covered with a thin film of oil.


T= tablespoon
t= teaspoon
c= cup
EVO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“This is a great summertime dish…absolutely perfect for the grill.Light, perfect with a salad or a saute of broccoli rabe

The braciole can be made in advance ans reserved in the fridge until ready to use. they will hold up a day or two well in the fridge as long as the fish was absolutely fresh when bought

Skewer with bamboo skewers that have been soaked in water 24 hours to alleviate them burning on the grill.

A tip when using skewers, even if they have been soaked appropriately always place the long end, (the end that will be held when eating) away from the heat and flame, to alleviate the skewers from getting black or possible burning.

Swordfish Braciole, cooks in minutes on a medium hot grill and are absolutely delicious,different and perfect for summertime grilling.”

The key is to have the grill smoldering, not roaring with flame the flames should not scorch the fish at all!

This is light summertime grilling  and simply delicious.


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