Swordfish Braciole with Black Olive Tapenade

swordfish braciole

Swordfish braciole or braciole di pesce spade in Italian is definitely not your everyday braciole.  Swordfish are found in abundance on menus in Sicily but this swordfish braciole is definitely something special. Every once and a while it’s nice to deviate from a well-known recipe and try something new. 

We all know what traditional meat or veal braciole are.  The swordfish version is a nice recipe I like to prepare in the warmer weather. They are much quicker to cook, lighter to eat, and grill up nicely too.  Once your swordfish braciole are cooked you can serve them with the black olive tapenade and tomato vinaigrette recipe below, or a refreshing orange and fennel salad.  You can sprinkle some chopped pistachios or pinenut over the skewers just before serving.  A chilled Pinot Grigio would pair nicely with this dish. And now you have a Sicilian summer taste in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy!