HTTV’s “Jersey Gems” with Chef Franco Lania

HTTV’s “Jersey Gems” with Chef Franco Lania

Chef Franco Lania - HTTV

Chef Franco Lania – HTTV

Hello and good day to all.

I am pleased to announce that earlier this month I shot my first show of a five-part series called “Jersey Gems” with Chef Franco Lania.

The show’s mission is to showcase all the culinary gems and vibrant ethnic neighborhoods that the great State of New Jersey has to offer.

I want to bring to the forefront things of a culinary nature that would surprise many when thinking of the State of New Jersey bringing to life culinary gems and places that New Jerseyans can be proud of.

Personally, I’ve lived in and traveled to many different places in and out of the United States and all along, here and there, eventually hearing the bad “Jersey Jokes.”

So, I was extremely surprised and elated to find, after a little digging around in my home State of N.J., that there were so many facts and culinary gems that I never knew and thought interesting enough to create a show about.

 I hope to, even, break the many negative connotations that some people have about the State.

It’s a fact that many people really have little to no clue about what New Jersey is really all about. Because of shows like the Sopranos, Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jerseylicious and the major highways that run through certain parts of N.J., people have no real idea of the true special qualities that New Jersey possesses.

For example: Did you know New Jersey is home to bison farms, blueberry bogs, quail farms, cranberry bogs and Pine Barrens?

Did you know New Jersey is home to the largest seaport in the United States, located in Elizabeth N.J.

Also, New Jersey has a thriving horse farm community that is home to more horses than that of the whole state of Tennessee?

George Washington – Delaware River Crossing (1776)

Also, Did you know a great part of America’s Revolutionary war was fought in New Jersey and that George Washington, America’s first president, lead and fought a bloody, wintry battle against the British in New Jersey in the year 1776.

This went down in U.S. history as the famous Delaware River crossing that eventually lead to Washington’s victory over the British.  And to boot…General George Washington’s headquarters during the war was located at Jockey Hollow in Morristown, New Jersey

These are just the tip of the iceberg of Jersey “Gems” that most people don’t even know when they think of New Jersey.

Blueberries of New Jersey

Many people that were born and raised in this State are also very unaware of all the wonderful facts about New Jersey and in this show we are going to make an effort to change all that. Check out this sight for some more interesting facts on New Jersey )

Lastly, lets not forget the fact that New Jersey is a very ethnically diverse State, and in the case of food, possesses some wonderful Culinary Gems!

The cable network that will air my show is HomeTowne Television. Better known as HTTV.

This is a local network with a viewership of over 400,000 strong. The station is affiliated with the Jersey Access Group known as JAG. JAG covers the entire State of New Jersey . Click here for more on JAG. 

The first show should air on HTTV just before Easter. It will be an Easter-themed show where I’ll be butchering and then preparing an Easter Goat dish.

This is going to be extremely fun! …  Stay tuned to my Facebook page for updates.