Celebrity Cruises – Transatlantic Voyage!

Get ready for another fantastic … Celebrity Cruises – Transatlantic Voyage!

I am honored to say that on April 22, 2011, I will be the on-board Guest Chef on Celebrity Cruise Line’s ship,  “Silhouette”.

This is a totally sold-out “transatlantic voyage” leaving a stones-throw away from New York City, from the “Cape Liberty Cruise Port” in Bayonne, NJ and heading straight  across the Atlantic Ocean to Lisbon, Portugal and beyond. 

“The Silhouette, once she reaches Lisbon, will then head south into the Mediterranean Sea and visit various ports of call in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy.”

This World Cruise will ultimately end in  Civitavecchia, the port of Rome,  Italy.
Transatlantic cruises, as one could guess, consist of many days at sea. 

As the Guest Chef during a sea crossing, I will be giving: live cooking  demonstrations, several cooking classes, wine tasting menus, chef competitions and judging cooking competitions as well.

Cooking Classes

These are action-packed days full of “cooking fun” to help the guests enjoy their experience of a lifetime “World Cruise” as  much as possible!

 Once the ship completes it’s journey, the traveling doesn’t stop.  I, then, will be Scandinavia-bound and continue further into Europe.

This “World Voyage” will be completely documented on my Facebook and Twitter pages, highlighting the movement of the trip with recipes, photos and video all along the way.

If you haven’t joined my pages yet, here is your chance to “catch the wave” before it rolls out to sea! 

Also, please check the Celebrity Cruise Line website for all their wonderful cruise offerings

Information on the major cruise lines that set sail from “Cape Liberty” and all other information pertaining to the Cape can be found here.