HomeTowne Television – Farmer’s Market

This summer, HomeTowne Television of Summit, N.J. and I will be filming segments for their local News Broadcast. 

     No, I will not be the anchor man.  But, I am excited to say that  my assignment will  be twofold.



  The first segment will be a   series of quick interviews at the local farmer’s market. 

 Secondly, I’ll be doing a green grocer clip with ingredients bought at the market.

 The cooking segments will be six minutes of a fun, quick and healthy recipe from ingredients bought at the farmer’s market.




Yes, we are hoping that the fun and inspiration of this all will lead you to the Summit Farmer’s market or to the local summertime food markets in your area.


  Summertime is packed with all kinds of beautiful and healthy ingredients to cook  with and enjoy. And open-air farmer’s markets are a great way to have fun, meet local growers and learn something all at the same time.

 To view the video clip of the newscast, kindly click –> http://ow.ly/ccDzT