“Inspirational Cooking” – When Recipes Just Aren’t Enough

Inspiration Cooking

Inspirational Cooking – When Recipes Just Aren’t Enough

 This post will clarify and define “Inspirational Cooking”.

In my career spanning 20 years, this is a concept I’ve talked about many times with fellow colleagues in the culinary profession.

The underlying thoughts behind this concept came out of the necessity to want to try to help, inspire, and rejuvenate life back into those who seem to have lost it, due to hardships and rough times that they may have been encountering – starting with myself and then expanding outward to others.

In my own life, adversity was always overcome by my personal desire to want to cook, more than anything else. This desire is what got my life back on track, time and time again, after many moments of adversity. People would ask me, how did I  do it?  How did I get my  life together and keep it together?

The answer is quite simply, “COOKING!”

Cooking at Sea


 I wanted to cook and travel more than sit under dark clouds of adversity for too long.

My motivation was the desire to get up and moving, back on target and literally “get cooking” again!   I pushed upward and onward, as quickly as possible, for the sheer passion of cooking.  Cooking led me to stoves in and out of the USA and eventually, to sea on Luxury Cruise Lines.

Over time and through many years of cooking, things change, one’s drive and perceptions change, career aspirations change and the importance of our journey, professional and personal, changes as well.

Recipes and learning secret cooking techniques, after two decades of chasing them, just weren’t enough anymore.

I reached a point where I wanted to give back something useful and intelligent- giving back more than just recipes, giving something much more helpful and needed by people, especially in the rough times many are facing.

I decided to give back the secret that has kept me going for twenty years, through many adverse moments of my own, without being consumed by them.

Inspiration via cooking is what did it for me and it just may do it for you if you are open to the techniques that helped me.

“Inspiration to motivate yourself is what is most needed today to be able to get up and moving again, after moments of adversity strike our lives.”

I have reached a point in my life and culinary career where it is time to place my concept of “Inspirational Cooking” out into the world, where it may help others.

Inspirational Cooking, by my definition, would be the act of motivating others to get up and moving again and become re-energized about life,  through the excitement of cooking. After going through moments of hardship, one’s mind, body and spirit can be balanced by the mere act of physically cooking and all its healing benefits.


The smells, sounds, heat, the washing of the ingredients, concentration and visual connection to it all will slowly get you to a place where you will feel good about cooking.

 Cooking by yourself and for yourself, starting to take care and nourish yourself again is the first big step in pushing forward from adversity.

 This is once again, the seed for bigger and better inspirations to re-enter your life again!

While engaged in the act of sautéing, roasting, poaching, reducing, frying, etc… even if it is just for five minutes, is time when your mind is off the thoughts that have consumed your life and landed you in search and recovery mode.

Five minutes of thinking of something other than” poor me” can be the seed of thought that leads you to your new life and ultimately connecting back to all LIFE.

The major parts of getting back on track after hitting a wall of depression and adversity that can begin the rebirth in our minds are:

1) Eating the right foods that will ultimately help make the positive chemical changes in our bodies to combat the “moody blues” that have settled into our lives.

2) The second is inspiration!  Without inspiration and a deep desire to get up and moving again, nothing will work.

Inspiration comes from within and it is the seed of change. We need some form of inspiration to “wake us up” from the “dark cloud” we are under.

Cooking is something we all eventually attempt to do for ourselves at one point or another, like it or not. Cooking knows no class distinction or prejudices and the food we use to cook with is ultimately the same gift from God to all.

Inspirational imagery

The healing that can come from cooking even the simplest of things can be monumentally inspiring, especially when it is done correctly and the end result is something tasty and nourishing.

This will excite the mind and stimulate a form of inspiration!

I’m not trying to sell anybody a box of “Lucky Charms” here. I am trying to sell “Silver Linings” to be placed around the dark clouds that enter our lives by using my idea of “inspirational cooking” to create them.

More will be posted about this concept on a monthly basis. Stay tuned!