Jersey Gems: “Little India” | Halal Goat & Spring Pea Risotto!

spring pea risotto

Easter goat with a spring pea risotto.

This Easter goat video was created for HomeTowne Television in Summit, New Jersey.  Spring is a great season for cooking! It is also the season of Easter.  May people cook lamb for their Easter meal. But, have you ever thought of cooking goat? Goat is not as fatty as lamb but it still delivers a delicious flavor. It is a very popular Easter dish in many European countries such as Italy, Greece, Portugal, and Spain. Did you also know that goat is one of the most eaten meats in the world?

In the United States,  goat dishes are hardly ever found on restaurant menus, and many restaurants prefer offering lamb on their Easter menus rather than a goat dish. However, in New Jersey, we are very lucky to be a state with great ethnic diversity. Therefore, HTTV’s Jersey Gems segment decided to go to the “Little India” section of Iselin, New Jersey.  We decided to showcase the ethnic meats that this neighbor provides for their local clientele.  Halal meat can be widely found here and this is what is highlighted in the video below.  I took a halal goat back to the kitchen to create a very tasty Easter goat recipe with a spring pea risotto.

You can click here to see the video of making the spring pea risotto. 

The recipes for the goat and spring pea risotto can be found here.