Radio Centre-Ville (102.3 FM) Montreal, Canada

Radio centre-ville-3Listen to chef Franco for a fun and informative interview as a guest on Radio Centre-Ville (102.3FM) Montreal, Canada. This was a live interview with the station’s own Tracey Padmore, host of Tracey’s Cuisine. This program airs every Saturday at 10AM (EST) and can be heard online throughout the globe. Tracey informs her listeners about the delicious upcoming culinary events happening in and around the Montreal area and invites a different chef each week for a chat.

Some of the topics discussed on Franco’s segment were: becoming a Chef, surviving the 9-11 Tragedy, Bison Farming, Paula Deen, being one of a panel of judges at BaconFest in Omaha, NE., writing for The Huffington Post, visiting Quebec and Scandinavia and much more!

Click here to listen to this very informative and fun show – CINQ – 102.3FM. Montreal, Canada /Franco Lania