Omaha Public School Event | Vocational Culinary Program

Omaha, Nebraska

I have been going out to Omaha, Nebraska quite often these days to promote my Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cakes at several Hy-Vee Supermarkets around the city and also working with the Culinary Advisory Board for ConAgra Foods located in Omaha as well. 

After many visits to this Midwestern city, I really got to like it very much and began to make friends in the community.  Eventually, I was asked by a friend who worked for Omaha’s Public Schools if I’d like to talk with a group of high school students that are thinking about becoming chefs. My response was absolutely, just tell me exactly where and when. I looked at it as an opportunity to lecture, cooks, and inspire a new generation of chefs.  As it turned out Omaha has a nice vocational culinary program.  I was glad to find out this school system actually nurtured students looking for vocational training in the culinary arts. What a great way for them to get a head start for a future career in cooking.  And, if they don’t, that’s okay too.  They’ll always be able to cook something nice for their friends and family.

The video below shows my event with the students as we had a nice hands-on cooking class. 

Omaha Public Schools | Vocational Event

We prepared ginger and black pepper crusted salmon with honey glazed baby bok choy and a saffron cream sauce.  Yep, we’re going all the way! 

 You tell me if these students had fun?