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Pizza Rustica

Pizza Rustica or Italian Easter Pie is a dish that is synonymous with Eastertime. With the arrival of Easter, an indulgent recipe such as this Pizza Rustica is very welcomed after 40 days of Lenten fasting. This recipe helps to celebrate the end of Lent and to enjoy many of the foods (such as meat) that were forbidden during the Lenten season. It is made with some of the most delicious Italian salami, ham, and sausage, mixed together with several kinds of delectable Italian cheeses.

All these ingredients are mixed together then enclosed in a tasty pastry shell and baked. You can always decorate the top of your Pizza Rustica with any of the leftover dough to create an Easter/springtime theme. Serve it with a nice tossed salad, and it becomes a special Eastertime dish. However, I know many people that enjoy Pizza Rustica throughout the year.  It’s just that good! Click here for the recipe-> Pizza Rustica!