The 2nd Annual BaconFest of Omaha, Nebraska

2nd. Annual BaconFest of Omaha

The 2nd Annual BaconFest of Omaha

Welcome to The 2nd Annual BaconFest of Omaha, Nebraska. BaconFest is a fundraising event set up by the Salvation Army and the Kroc Centers of Omaha founded by Ray and Joan Kroc of the McDonalds fortune. The Kroc Centers were created as an enrichment center to uplift the community with performances, special events, artistic development, fitness centers, and much more. The Kroc Center of Omaha is quite impressive. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

Now, for the event. A delicious Farmland Bacon Cook-off! Where local chefs competed with their mouth-watering bacon creations to win a grand prize of $1,000, a beautiful trophy, and several of my Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cake boxes.

So, join the fun and watch this video!

Click here to keep up with the bacon fun from The 1st BaconFest of Omaha. It was pretty delicious too!