Brooklyn’s Very Own Heritage Radio | Feast Yr Ears

Heritage Radio - best shot

Exciting news! Check me out on Brooklyn’s very own Heritage Radio. The station broadcasts live out of two old ship containers that have been refurbished and converted into a cozy radio station. It’s a very cool setup and is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn directly behind Roberta’s Pizzeria. What a fantastic setting for a food talk radio station! It really doesn’t get any more Brooklyn fabulous than that!


Feast Yr Ears on Heritage Radio, Brooklyn, NY

Harry Rosenblum is the host of the Feast Yr Ears radio show. I was contacted by Harry’s assistant a few months ago while I was in Europe.  As I researched the station I noticed that it was a radio station solely dedicated to food and cooking. Instantly, I saw green lights and replied with a YES! Harry is also a big foodie and the proud owner of the Brooklyn Kitchen.  His store is a haven for area foodies and has become a real culinary gem for Brooklyn.

I met Harry in front of the very hipster chic pizzeria. Once we entered Roberta’s on our walk to the radio station, I couldn’t help but notice all the fabulous pizzas. They looked and smelled fantastic!  Drooling, I followed Harry as we eventually entered the radio station.  The area where we sat for the show is situated strategically in front of a large window that directly looks out onto one of the dining rooms of this funky pizzeria. It really sparked up my pizza craving   Mind you, it was lunchtime, and PIZZA after delicious pizza kept passing by our window as we moved onward with the live show.  We chatted about being a chef, cooking at sea, 9/11, Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cakes, my upcoming book, and much more. Harry definitely did his homework and it allowed us to cover a lot of culinary ground and have some fun along the way.  And, yes, we eventually broke down and had one of those delicious pizzas delivered to us while on the air. Yum!

Please see the link below to hear Harry’s interview with me on Feast YR Ears, live on Brooklyn’s very own Heritage Radio. Click on the audio below to listen to the entire show hosted by HarryRosenblum.


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