BIG Step Back in Time | Archaeological Park of Paestum, Italy

Archaeological Park of Paestum

Archaeological Park of Paestum, Italy.

This magnificent open-air museum located in Paestum is just another great reason to visit the Cilento area of Campania, Italy.  This area was colonized by the Greeks in 650 BC and they named it Poseidonia.  The name was later changed to Paestum by the Romans in 273 BC. The main attraction of this archaeological park are its three magnificently preserved ancient Greek temples. They are the Temple of Athena, Temple of Hera and the Temple of Neptune. Each temple has a very fascinating story of its own!

Once you leave this historical site you should have a much better understanding about the Greek colonization of Southern Italy that eventually became known as the  Magna Graecia or Great Greece.

Magna Graecia

The teamed at Tavola Tours and I created a very unique culinary and cultural adventure to this Campania region of Italy. The tour included a nice afternoon experience at this archaeological park.  You can also see the Tavola Tours, Facebook page for more content on this trip and many others.

So, who knows, maybe you’ll be next to take a BIG step back in time.  Watch the video below as I talk with Silvia an expert guide as together we both take a step back in time at the Archaeological Park of Paestum.