Sicilian Pizza | Palermo Homestyle Cooking

Piazza Pretoria | Palermo, Sicily
Piazza Pretoria | Palermo, Sicily

We all may still not be allowed to travel to Sicily but we sure can still enjoy the food memories and friendships that were made there. Italy is a country steeped in culinary and cultural history and the island of Sicily is no exception. The last Tavola Tours adventure was to this magnificent Island and it was an amazing journey. Along every road, city, town, or little village you’ll find a story and plenty of passionate Sicilians ready to tell you all about it.

One such person is my friend Fabrizio. He is an expert on the dynamic history of Sicily and has a great love for his region of Palermo. Fabrizio’s enthusiasm and knowledge about his beloved island are inspiring in every way. He helps you to understand the rich history of the island by relating it to travelers in a way that will make sense to them.

Sicilian Pizza (tomato and mozzarella cheese)

The video below is a great testament to how much the people of Sicily like to share their culture with others. Especially anything to do with Sicilian cuisine! So, during a recent quarantine in Sicily, Fabrizio’s wife made a Sicilian pizza and Fabrizio made a quick clip and shared the video with me.

This is the real deal! Cooking with locals is always a big part of a Tavola Tours experience. Hopefully, soon we all will get a chance to travel to Sicily and make this pizza together with Fabrizio and his lovely wife Manuela.



Sicilian pizza made at home in Palermo, Sicily. Don’t get too hungry now, and enjoy the music! 🇮🇹🍕🍕

You can learn more about Fabrizio at Eat & Walk Palermo.

He speaks excellent English and he’s a fun guide to spend an afternoon with. Also,  please check out his Instagram.