Top 3 Reasons You Should Vacation in Hawaii This Summer

Driving around Oahu, Hawaii

Deciding where to go for your summer vacation can be overwhelming at times. But this post will make it so much easier! Why? Just because there’s no place better for summer vacation than Hawaii. Once you arrive on the islands you’ll definitely see for yourself that it’s truly a paradise on earth. Also, its cuisine makes it a must-visit too for all you foodies. Here are the top three reasons you should vacation in Hawaii this summer.

Stunning Scenery

Rainbow Falls-Hilo, Hawaii

Hawaii’s stunning scenery is one of the top reasons people can’t get enough of these islands. From pristine beaches to ancient volcanoes, beautiful waterfalls to lush tropical forests, the breathtaking views of the Hawaiian islands are unmatched. There are so many picturesque things to see and gorgeous places to enjoy on your holiday. You can relish in a day at one of Hawaii’s spectacular beaches surfing, sunbathing, and spotting dolphins in the ocean. Or you can go for a mountain hike for some exercise and see all the magnificent landscapes the islands have to offer. You will never get tired of the stunning scenery when you vacation in Hawaii!

Aloha Attitude

Hawaiian flower lei.

Another reason that Hawaii is the perfect destination for your summer vacation is the aloha attitude. The word “aloha” has a myriad of beautiful meanings to the local people of Hawaii. Aloha represents love, affection, peace, compassion, and welcoming.

Aloha Hawaii!

Hawaiians often use aloha as a greeting, and when you are a visitor to Hawaii, you receive the most welcoming aloha of all. Hawaiian locals greet incoming tourists with open arms and gifts of flower garlands. These flower garlands are the famous traditional Hawaiian lei. Upon your arrival to the islands, you will find out just
what it means to receive a Hawaiian lei. These welcoming gifts are a symbol of that aloha attitude that makes Hawaii such a desirable place to visit. If you choose to vacation in the islands, you are sure to experience that kindhearted aloha energy everywhere you go. You can’t beat it!

Cultural Cuisine

Hawaiian Luau

The cultural cuisine is the other top reason why you should be booking your summer vacation in Hawaii. The traditional cuisine in Hawaii is a melting pot of Polynesian, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese influences. These influences come from the rich cultural backgrounds of the immigrants who settled in the islands
over generations. So, if you are vacationing in Hawaii and want an authentic experience with traditional Hawaiian dishes, then you absolutely must go to a luau. A luau is a traditional feast in Hawaii featuring foods like poi, lomi salmon, kalua pua’a, poke, and haupia. Entertainment such as traditional hula and fire dancers typically accompany these feasts. You can’t leave Hawaii without experiencing one of these amazing luaus and all the delicious food they have to offer. Now that you know the top three reasons to book a Hawaiian vacation this summer, you can begin making travel arrangements today! Just make sure to pack all the important travel items you can’t forget.