Great Tips for Hiking The Mountains of Italy

Chef Franco Lania
                                  Coast of the Gods | Tropea, Italy                                                               

Are you a lover of traveling and the great outdoors? If yes, how about planning a hiking adventure during your next trip to Italy? Italy has some great designated hiking areas throughout the entire “boot” and not to mention it’s a beautiful country to get out and enjoy Mother Nature. Before you book your next Italian getaway, these tips will help you plan the hiking trip of a lifetime!

Start Your Hike Early in the Day

Wake up early and start your hike in the brisk morning air. When you start your hiking adventure up the mountains of Italy early in the morning, you’ll make the most out of your time. You won’t want to waste a second when you have the opportunity to travel to another country. Starting early offers you a glimpse into the nice slow way that Italy awakens every day as you head toward your hiking destination. Hiking earlier is a peaceful experience and an efficient way to make time for other activities during the rest of the day. Like savoring the delicious food after you burn off a ton of calories.

Look Out for Color-Coded Markers

Italy is one of the most breathtaking places to go hiking, and that isn’t only because of its gorgeous scenic views. Many trails are incredibly easy to navigate. There are frequent color-coded markers on trees or rocks throughout the trails to guide you through and keep you safe. While it’s always helpful to plan out your hike beforehand and pack a map, these markers are additional resources that will make your trek that much more enjoyable.

Pack Various Clothing Options

If you’re planning an overnight trip, you’ll need to obviously pack much more. However, if you’re scheduling a simple daytime hike, you should still pack additional clothing to keep up with the unpredictable weather. Or, to change from a slip and fall in the mud, a shallow river, or a creek.

Even if you check the weather beforehand, it’s important to add more clothing items to your backpack because everyone’s body copes with extreme temperatures differently. You never know when you’ll suddenly feel chilled and need a sweatshirt. The higher up the mountain you go the colder it will get! That’s why it’s important to pack along more items to accommodate how your body feels while hiking. Items such as a rain jacket, an extra pair of socks, track pants, a hat, gloves, and thermal layers are excellent options!

When the hike is complete and you’re ready for a delicious meal in a new country, don’t forget the dos and don’ts of eating in Italy. As you recover from your adventure, you’ll want to experience everything Italy’s culinary world has to offer.

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