Gnudi di Ricotta – Naked Ravioli!

Gnudi di Ricotta

Gnudi di Ricot

Gnudi di Ricotta are, in fact, naked ravioli.  No joke!  Try to imagine your favorite ricotta ravioli filling minus the pasta. If you carefully work the filling into small quenelles or round shapes, you have a gnudi.  Or, as the translation goes – naked ravioli. Now that’s Italian!

These cheese dumplings cook up quickly and are light and fluffy as a cloud. They are a delicious treat!

The trick to making them so delectable is to not overwork the mixture and not to add too much flour to bind them.  And, by all means DO NOT ADD BREAD CRUMBS to the mix.  Gnudi are supposed to be moist and sticky.

Yes, this can make them difficult to work with, but by mastering the simple techniques I share with you in this recipe you’ll be able to overcome the obstacles this type of dough presents and get a traditional, delicious result that will be slightly textured on the outside and pillow soft on the inside.

Take your time with this recipe especially when shaping the gnudi.  Your end result will have no place to hide.