Does FOX43’s Amy Lutz Approve of Chef Lania’s Creations?

Check out this blog post from the FOX43 website in York, PA. Will co-anchor Amy Lutz approve of chef Lania’s creations?

YORK, PA.Master Chef Franco Lania is serving up a new all-natural product that you may want to add to your next grocery shopping list. It’s called Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cakes. The product is made of wild rice, often considered to be as old as history itself. The highly nutritious grain isn’t actually rice, but a water-grass seed.  Chef Lania says it’s a great source for iron, protein, fiber and antioxidants. The packaged product is made in PA by a company called PA Dry Mix. The cakes are a perfect accompaniment for chicken, beef, fish, pork, vegetarian dishes, as well as a healthy breakfast choice.

“As a 9/11 survivor, I changed my entire focus on cooking and now help people pull themselves up by their boot straps,” Lania said, “even when they have no boot straps to tug up on.  We create them by cooking through it, developing confidence and nourishing our bodies and minds. From this point one can orchestrate a way out of a difficult time and head to higher ground and better days.”

To learn more about how Chef Lania came up with the Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cakes, click here.


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