VIDEO UPDATE: 7 Delicious Autumn Recipes and Hawaii Adventure!

VIDEO UPDATE: 7 Delicious Autumn Recipes and Hawaii Adventure
What’s new and cooking on land and at sea?

How’s it going, friends? Let’s talk about 7 delicious autumn recipes and Hawaii adventure. As we all can tell from the change in temperatures autumn is quickly ending. And the Thanksgiving holiday is literally just around the corner. Don’t panic just yet! There is good news.  Turkey day happens to be one of America’s favorite holidays and it offers some real old-fashioned comfort foods. 

As the temperature begins to drastically drop outside things in the kitchen begin to heat up!  Fall is a great time of year for homemade bread-making and delectable baking recipes.  Add a few hearty autumn-inspired pasta dishes, and there’s something for everyone.  The links to all these fabulous recipes are provided below.  All of this and more are what I talk about in the “up-to-date” video at the end of this post. Enjoy!

VIDEO UPDATE: 7 Delicious Autumn Recipes and Hawaii Adventure
Honeycrisp Apple Fritters

7 Delicious Autumn Recipes

  1. Focaccia with Prosciutto and Provolone Cheese
  2. Tagliatelle Pasta with Chickpeas & Fiery Calabrian Peppers
  3. Smoked Scamorza Cheese Filled Dinner Rolls
  4. Trecce Pasta with Spicy ‘Nduja & Burrata Cream
  5. Sicilian Castelvetrano Olive Bread
  6. Tuscan Grape Focaccia
  7. Honeycrisp Apple Fritters

Hawaii Adventure | Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America | Hawaii, United States

Now, this is exciting! I was hired by Norwegian Cruise Line and I’ll be deployed in early December to join their very special Pride of America ship. This is the only USA-flagged cruise ship in the entire world and it spends 365 days a year circumnavigating the gorgeous Hawaiian Islands.

The ship stops at plenty of exotic ports of call. This allows passengers to fully enjoy and immerse themselves in Hawaiian culture and have an experience of a lifetime.  There is a historical stop at Pearl Harbor to experience the World War ll memorial.  This tribute is dedicated to all the brave servicemen and women that lost their lives there on December 7, 1941. 

Norwegian Cruise Line offers the very best way to see and enjoy the Hawaiian islands in classic American style. So please keep coming back to this blog and my Facebook page to stay up to date with the newest content and culinary delights from Hawaii!

VIDEO: Autumn Update