Barcelona to Miami: Celebrity Cruises’ Transatlantic Journey!

Celebrity Reflection

 Time for Celebrity Cruises’ Transatlantic Journey. Autumn is almost over!

In the cruise line industry this means it’s time to reposition the fleet! Once mid-November hits, cruise ships quite simply head for warmer waters in the southern hemisphere.

Why? Because while the northern hemisphere is entering winter, those south of the equator are gliding into summer.

Therefore, South America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean, and even the Caribbean Sea become the cruise industry’s winter itinerary.

I am pleased to announce that I will be heading back out to sea on-board Celebrity Cruises’ ship the “Reflection” as guest chef for her majestic transatlantic crossing from beautiful Barcelona, Spain to magnificent Miami.

The exotic ports of call that will be visited once we set sail from Barcelona are: Palma de Mallorca, Malaga, and Tenerife – Canary Islands. Yes, food will be the center of attention!

The Reflection is one of five ships that belongs to the company’s Solstice Class, described as “floating worlds of aesthetic and experiential perfection, where every detail is attended to and every guest is pampered.”

This ship holds just over three thousand passengers and is 126,000 tons- an absolutely beautiful and new ship whose “Inaugural Date” was Oct 12, 2012.

This “Special Voyage” will be completely documented on my Facebook and Twitter pages, highlighting the movement of the trip with recipes, photos and video all along the way.

Also, traveling with me will be the talented photographer David Verdini. He brings with him a great amount of experience, which will play a major role in making this trip exceptionally interesting to follow.

Super exciting? You bet!

If you haven’t joined my pages yet, here is your chance to “Catch The Wave” before it rolls out to sea on November 14th!

More about Celebrity Cruises and their fleet of majestic ships, kindly click here.

To learn more about photographer David Verdini click here.

The kickoff will take place at the world famous La Boqueria Market in Barcelona,  Spain!


La Boqueria is the city’s gastronomic pride and joy which is also Europe’s largest food market under one roof.

This will be a very special cruise and extremely educational, too! Follow along so we can all share this fantastic voyage together!



Inspirational Quote:

Viking Sailing Ship

  “If your problem in life is as big as a ship, never forget that you’re blessings are a wide as the ocean.”

  • Liz Anderson

    Have a great cruise!!!! I have heard from David and he sounds like a great photographer! I have also been communicating with Joan. This cruise should be a “media launch” for you!!! Just be yourself and all will go well!!!

  • franco2

    Hello Liz!

    Thank you for the well wishes. These transatlantic cruises are always exciting to look forward to. The crossing in April where I met you and your husband Tom was extremely memorable!

    God bless you guys!

    Happy Holidays in advance.


  • Liz Anderson

    I have been reading the Cruise Critic Boards and cruisers sound unhappy about the boarding process being so long and the cancellation of the Canary Island port. This sounds like “opportunities” for you to “shine”. Schedule more demos, etc. They will love you!!!! They will forget how unhappy they are!! Wander around and talk to the guests and you will have a following for the rest of the cruise!!!!

    – Hugs from Liz and Tom

  • Claire Lanouette

    Hi Franco,

    I understand you may be launching a cookbook next year. I hope it’ll be available on the Celebrity Reflection cruise next November. My husband and I have decided to stick to our original plans and will be sailing with Reflection again. Hope to meet you in person then.



  • franco2

    Hello Clarie,

    Yes, this year coming I intend to get my book out. I am in conversations with several agents and possibilities. I am certain that they will be available on Celebrity Cruises. I would definitely be on-board to promote the book.

    Glad you and your husband are sticking to Celebrity again. I think they do an overall fabulous job and Reflection is a beautiful ship.

    Keep in touch and Happy Holidays!