Jädelino Gelateria: A Cool Taste of Italy in Finland

Jädelino is a quaint, friendly gelateria that serves top quality, homemade Italian ice cream in the the Teurastamo district of Helsinki. The flavors at Jädelino are very creative. I had a peanut butter-olive oil gelato that was extraordinary. The pistachio (made with an imported pistachio base from Sicily) and the tiramisu gelato are fantastic as well. I’ll be back! Once you’ve taste their delicious ice creams, you’ll be back too.

Åland Islands: Hotel Pommern | Guest Chef Franco Lania

Hotel Pommern of the Åland Hotel Group welcomes chef Franco Lania on March 10th-12th. Franco will cook a 5-course tasting menu. Chef Lania is a 9/11 survivor and from that day forward he changed his career focus. His new mission is to help people get their lives back on track by enlivening them via the invigorating energy of cooking. “It’s all about receiving a warm embrace from the stove”, the chef says

10 Superfoods That Will Super Boost Your Mood

Winter blues can greatly affect your mood. Staying active and getting enough sleep are important to maintaining your well-being, but including superfoods in your diet is another crucial factor to brightening your day. Here are a collection of foods that will give you a boast and put your mind at ease.