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10th Annual Helsinki Book Fair

The 10 annual Helsinki book fair will be held from October 28th-October 31, 2010, in the Helsinki convention Center.
This is a favorite autumn event, for literary lovers and industry folk to gather for four days of books, signings,readings,and discussions from a plethora of industry professionals.

Next Food Network Star - Franco Lania

The Next Food Network Star… Season 7

Chef Franco Lania is in the running for the coveted position on TVFN’s “The Next Food Network Star 7”
Franco is a well traveled and seasoned chef with an uncompromising passion for cuisine. He is personality plus…he would make excellent TV and be a sure breath of fresh air for TVFN.
Stay tuned>>> Vote for Franco!


What Happened to Little Italy?

At this point Little Italy is like a mother that gives and gives and never receives anything back in return from her children. Eventually she becomes old, run down and tired!

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