Cooking at Sea! – Employment of Cruise Line Chefs

Some of the hardest working men and women I have ever worked with were the ones I worked with at sea. “Culinary Arts” at sea is a whole different ball game than on land. It is a multi-billion dollar a year industry that keeps growing. Jobs and employment opportunities are plentiful, especially for those in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Zabaglione & Summertime Berries

The recipe for a zabaglione couldn’t be any simpler. It is a simple ratio of ingredients. When whipped together with proper technique produces a delicious and divine foam like custard. That is a perfect accompaniment for summertime berries and figs.

Amateur Cooks – Master Chefs

“Chef” and “Master Chef” are two titles in the culinary profession that have been diluted down over the last 10-15 years by TV programing in order to latch on to cool wordage that will enable them to attract more viewers and increase ratings. The adverse affect of all this is explained further in this post.